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Dikumpulkan hari Rabu 13 Maret 2013, jam kuliah Audit Bank SOAL 1: Kode etik profesi apa saja yang harusnya dipatuhi oleh internal auditor dalam menjalankan tugasnya. Sebut dan jelaskan! SOAL 2: Salah satu kasus terjadi di Indonesia adalah laporan keuangan ganda Bank Lippo pada tahun 2002. Kasus Lippo bermula dari adanya tiga versi laporan keuangan … Continue reading


  • Mona is a type of "Y " generation or millennial generation which uses and familiar with communications, media, and digital technologies. All day at work she loves to surf the web, email, chat and connect her friends through face book and twitter. If you check her status at social network always stays online.  Sometimes during the lunch break she also loves to play online games. The big problem arises when one of her Boss get annoyed with her habits because she often misses the deadline to do the job because of it. Her denial reasons she gave when the HR Manager called are no one told her about the company rules related to surfing policies and she also used to worked at retailing company for video gaming which is requiring her to stay online all day. As a result, the HR Manager gives "a hard warning" to her. She is unsatisfied with the decision and complaining all the time. Mona does not realize that she is in the different environment. It can not be deny that nowadays, practically everyone uses the internet at work, the rules of what is and is not acceptable are harder to police in the workplace. The company never prohibits their employees to surf the internet as long as have a correlation with the jobs and it is common sense to realize that offensive sites should not be accessed at work. Inquiry: Given the situation what is wrong with Mona habits?Why several people in the company get annoyed? Do you think Mona's denial reasons can be acceptable? What will be the solution of this problem for her? According to you how important to learn the employee handbooks before get starting and doing the jobs? and to what extent surfing internet can be acceptable? Leave your opinion in this web


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Dear Bank Audit-D3 Perbankan Students, Have a look on cases I posted for you under the categorized of Audit Bank-D3 Perbankan. We will have a class discussion on Wednesday 13 March 2013 . Thank you. Best regards, B Yuni