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Business English II


Mona is a type of “Y ” generation or millennial generation which uses and familiar with communications, media, and digital technologies. All day at work she loves to surf the web, email, chat and connect her friends through face book and twitter. If you check her status at social network always stays online.  Sometimes during the lunch break she also loves to play online games.

The big problem arises when one of her Boss get annoyed with her habits because she often misses the deadline to do the job because of it. Her denial reasons she gave when the HR Manager called are no one told her about the company rules related to surfing policies and she also used to worked at retailing company for video gaming which is requiring her to stay online all day. As a result, the HR Manager gives “a hard warning” to her. She is unsatisfied with the decision and complaining all the time. Mona does not realize that she is in the different environment.

It can not be deny that nowadays, practically everyone uses the internet at work, the rules of what is and is not acceptable are harder to police in the workplace. The company never prohibits their employees to surf the internet as long as have a correlation with the jobs and it is common sense to realize that offensive sites should not be accessed at work.


Given the situation what is wrong with Mona habits?Why several people in the company get annoyed? Do you think Mona’s denial reasons can be acceptable? What will be the solution of this problem for her? According to you how important to learn the employee handbooks before get starting and doing the jobs? and to what extent surfing internet can be acceptable? Leave your opinion in this web


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  1. In Mona case, although she is a millennial generation who is able in utilizing technologies well, she is not permitted to use office facilities (computer + internet) freely, such as surfing on net, emailing, chatting and so forth. As long as the activities in office correlate with office duty, Mona can utilize computer and internet. Mona habit in working hours is not good to imitate.
    People surround her will be annoyed with her habit, for example her boss. Moreover, Mona cannot finish her duty in time and miss the deadline of her job.
    Nobody can accept her reason because of it. Although the company didn’t explain the rules about the use of internet in working hours before, she should understand by seeing the environment. She also has to know when working hours and free hours. I think it doesn’t matter for her to use it in breaking time as long as it doesn’t influence her work, especially influence to the development of the company.
    ‘A hard warning’ sometimes is not a good solution to solve it. Maybe Mona will be aware for a while only, and she will utilize internet for her private matter again later. As i know, in a company there is LAN (Local Area network) connected to all users within office. So the boss as the server of the entire computer can control the employee one-by-one through her/his computer. It will be efficient to the employee work. The boss will know whether the employee works or not.
    I think employee handbook does not give much essential to inform the rules in a company. Better for them to be given a labeling in their work-table about the rules in the company in working hours or the boss arrange a meeting for the entire employee for informing about the regulation in the company.

    Thus, we have to know where we are. Every place has different policy or rule which people should obey it well.

    Posted by khusnul khotimah - 08320023 - Business English II | May 20, 2011, 4:38 am
  2. In Mina’s case, I think her habit is really annoying for people who work at that place. in a one company,it is not permitted to disturb other people. I agree if the manager give her hard warning because it is important to keep the company running well and the employers do the job effectively. it is not convenient if she uses the work time to surfing and gaming. from this habit, beside people are annoyed, it can also influence the other people to imitate her habit, and absolutely the productivity of the company is growing bad.

    she should work professional by not doing that at the work time. even though surfing something is a good hobby in enriching the knowledge but she has to know where and when the good time to do that. such places and times do not permitted those kinds of hobby. if I were the boss, I would make a firm rules in order the employers work effectively and efficiently.

    Posted by kamaruddin (08320005) | May 21, 2011, 12:48 am
  3. Mona is example of employer that has characters:
    1.unprofesional person

    The reasons, First, mona is unprofesional person because she does’t know how should she do, when she work with internet facilities. Second is undiscipline, she always using work time doing her hobby and she enjoying with her game without caring her job. Third, Unresponsible,She is unsatisfied with the decision and complaining all the time. Mona does not realize that she is in the different environment.
    Fourth, Careless, Because she does’t realize her habit makes increasing the company amount of loss. Fifth, Unrespectable, she didn’t care for Hard warning that has given by HR Manager.

    Several people in the company get annoyed with her because she always think about herself (her bobby, her games, her enjoying). She doesn’t realize work in company needs discipline, resposible, respect, and work together with team.

    I think Mona’s denial reasons can be unacceptable because The company never prohibits their employees to surf the internet as long as have a correlation with the jobs and it is common sense to realize that offensive sites should not be accessed at work.

    She should learn the handbook of company and manage her habit and time to save their opportunities working in that company.

    learning the employee handbooks before get starting and doing the jobs is very important, because handbook the employer directed the employer work more easily and suitable with her position

    Before i answer the question about and to what extent surfing internet can be acceptable?, I want to deliver one of quotation “we should prioritize the obligation rather than personal interests”. Surfing internet can be acceptable s long as have a correlation with the jobs, although there are no regulations on the use of the internet we should not give priority to private interests because we’ve been given the opportunity and also an appropriate salary, We must prove our responsibility

    “Before doing something we should learn how to do, Everything without learning is no thing”

    Posted by citra priski abadi (08320021) BSI | May 21, 2011, 2:18 am
    • Deep analysis in several point of views. well done. This can be a lesson to learn when we’re in the new environment particularly in the workplace. Be quick and flexible to adapt without lessen the professionalism

      Posted by yuniartihidayah | May 22, 2011, 1:53 pm
      • Thank you mam, this is interesting article, that make me imagine the condition of work and learn many things and we can’t find it in the school

        Posted by citra priski abadi | May 24, 2011, 10:14 pm
  4. mina is one of the addicted people of technology. she can’t use the usage of technology well so it make people surround her annoyed.
    in this case Mina was doing something wrong because she hasn’t responsible to her job.
    she is unprofessional, unresponsible employee. she should responsible with her job. she can surf in other time when she hasnt jib to do in the rest time.
    learn employee handbook is very important to the employee especially for the new employee because employee have to know the role of the company.

    surving can be acceptable when we use it in the appropriate time for the example in the rest time not in the company.

    Posted by zainiatul mazidah (08320007) | May 21, 2011, 4:20 am
  5. in this modern era using networking is now common for everyone and anyone.using networking in workplace is also okey even it is for individual need. but the professionalism to the job must be the most important thing which is paid attention by an employee,
    doing the job as what it must be.
    mona in this case indicated that she is not professional employee because she does her job not as well as what professional employee do..

    Posted by istihlaliyah (08320075) | May 21, 2011, 4:53 am
  6. I think Mona is someone that irresponsible and unprofessional person. Because she can not divide her time, when she must refresh and when she must do her job. Of course the several people in the company get annoyed because she often uses her work time to surfing and gaming. I think it is a bad habit for employee. Actually surfing is something important, but she must know, when she must surfing and when she must do her job. Then I agree if her boss give a hard warning to Mona because it is very dangerous for the company if she does not give a hard warning. There for it is very important for employee to learn the handbook before get starting and doing the job, for improve the company.

    Posted by Duwi Iva Irawati (08320098) | May 21, 2011, 7:35 am
    • Good idea, why would the company create office handbook if all of the employees do not want to learn and implement it? In some extent it could cause stumbling down or chaos in the works. What do you think about it?

      Posted by yuniartihidayah | May 22, 2011, 1:58 pm
  7. In every job there must be a saturation point where an employee is required to fulfill an obligation. We should not negative thinking; it would be nice if we think positive about everything, especially in the case of this Mona. Do not be bad all treatment to judge someone. Actually, Mona is not completely wrong it just is not quite right in placing things. All treatment is not all negative. A fatal mistake was that she was too late to collect our obligation, fortunately at that moment there who knows the events that what has been done by Mona. But other hand it would be nice if we knew it should tell. When we’ve warned them and she doesn’t respond to our warning then our obligation to tell to her again. Mona was not supposed to do such a thing until she hooked and have been spelled out in the gaming addiction, face booking, twittering or other. Another tradition we have to think positive first not all what she’s doing is considered wrong, she can only do it for the benefit of the company that is establishing relationships with other companies only in excess in the act. Because when we decide something and ready to make all our decisions then we must be ready with all the risks that we will encounter. The solution for Mona was warned and advised him not to overdo it.
    An obligation in the first work is that she must commit to abide by and implement all regulations and orders, both she must do the best for the common good rather than individual good.
    Based on my opinion especially for that is really prominent in the learning handbook for new employees because with the things that employees can be committed to do everything as instructed and away from all that is forbidden.
    I’m so sorry mom if I can’t find my suitable word, please forgive me mom. heeeeeeeee!

    Posted by siti fatimatuz z 08320066 A class bis.english | May 21, 2011, 12:19 pm
    • No worries, I think you deliver a very good opinion. Sometimes what’s happening in the workplace, someone can be really hard to admit that he/she make a mistake and be quick to reconcile in order to fix it. Is it really happening with Mona, What do you think?

      Posted by yuniartihidayah | May 22, 2011, 2:11 pm
  8. In my perseption this is a case of unresponsiblity. Mona is someone who can not be responsive in her possition. Mona is the one who always want to follow the technological development. But what Mona’s do is wrong at that part and do not exceed the limit. So I call it as a crazy of technology. Mona should be more responsible at what situation she is, and what part she stay, weather previously she worked at the company of video games which need her to always stay online. But different situation when she came into new environment where she works now. Availability internet services only on business and may can relieve boredom just a little for a while. And what Mona’s do is a form of unprofessionality of working. On the other hand it would not be a problem if Mona could finish her work in accordance with the deadlines, but if her work become unfinished so what Mona’s do is wrong.
    So in this case According to me be responsible and proffesional be important in establishing a trust.

    Posted by Dita Laras Cindy | May 21, 2011, 1:34 pm
    • Dita Laras Cindy (08320010)

      Posted by Dita Laras Cindy | May 21, 2011, 1:36 pm
    • Very good. Do you think Mona is a type of self center person, which puts all perspectives based on her thought?

      Posted by yuniartihidayah | May 22, 2011, 2:14 pm
      • Yes, because in this case as a new employer she can not adapt well w/ the new environment. Mona has assume that everything apply is still has the same rules as in her ex-office. Mona do not know well that now she has been in the new place with different rules.
        w/ this case may I can conclude that as a new comer we have to learn more about how to adapt well in the new situation and new part of the life.. 🙂

        Posted by Dita Laras Cindy | May 24, 2011, 8:51 am
  9. in my opinion, Mona is not responsible person. she was not responsive with her job. she always access the internet in her work. she should do her job actually. its may her habit in her work before, she must be disappearing that habit. in this case shows that Mona is not professional person. her job cannot finish on time and of course the company will be lost out automatically. and to avoid the activities like Mona’s do, the boss in Mona’s office should give new rules which also related with this case.for mona actually she can access the internet in privet time and by using personal computer not by using the office facilities.

    Mufidlotul Zuliana
    English and letter department

    Posted by Mufidlotul Zuliana | May 23, 2011, 4:50 am
  10. First, I think it many happen around us. Like Mona’s case, she has bad habit in the use of digital technology. She can not divide her time weather when she has to work or not. Her habit is not suitable when she is during in a work. Normally, she uses the facility of web for something that related what she need.
    Second, automatically another employee will be disturbed by Mona’s habit. She always misses her obligation in a job. Then, it may make other employee dejected because of her habit if she does not do her job but spend many her time with her social network. It means, there is Mona or not, the job is nothing. While another do their work hard, but Mona just does a thing that waste a time.
    Third, the reason of Mona is unacceptable but not fully wrong. She just need learn how to manage a time to work or not. She has to know the duty what she works. Although there is no one tells her about the rule of it, she is usually understanding the etiquette in the work place. Mona may deny her reason when she uses the facility as objectively. She does at digital technology as far as she needs relate to her job. So, should all of the rule of a company have been told by everyone to new employee? I do not think so, may just global information that should we know. The remains are we should learned by our self to adaptation with the environment in workplace.
    Fourth, in my opinion, the solving a problem like this case depend on the leadership of her boss. I agree when the boss use the phenomenological psychology. The leader will see the character of his employee. We do not know what happen with Mona. So, we need talk like sharing with Mona about her habit. Then we try to find the solution that can useful for each other. By giving the understanding closely as a father and son. It can one of the solution. It will create the good relation in a work in the future.
    Fifth, I think it is very important to learn the employee handbooks. Because many advantages that we can take from it. For example, we have an image what we have to do or not in workplace. It will help us to make easy to adaptation with new environment in workplace. We have escort during work. So it is very crucial as guide our self to be comfortable in a job.
    The last, surfing internet is normal activity in this era. It will be decayed when it uses in not suitable condition. For example: surfing during a work we surf to social network or gaming that there is no correlation with our job. But it will be useful when it uses as neutrally. For example: use to spend our rest time or to refresh our mind after do a hard work. We uses depend on our necessity.

    Posted by Eka Farid Rizkia-08320077 | May 24, 2011, 4:31 am
  11. In my point of view, mona is typically of irresponsible person. Because, she could not decide when she have to work seriously and when she has time for relaxed. Working in a near with media and digital technologies must not be far with the Internet access. Perhaps she may play the Internet, but it not all the day she play internet and forget about her jobs are. of course there will be people getting annoyed with her habit. She always plays the internet and does not do her job well. It will be influenced others with that her habit. mona’s denial is not acceptable. Because, working in a new environment, of course it will be some rules work which she must obey. and she does not know about it.
    the solution about her habit is: she has to divide when she wants to play the internet and when she does her job. She has to be professional with her job. Before start to work in certain company, it is very important for us to learn about the employee handbooks. Because, it will prepare us to do our job well without any trouble and obstacles.

    Posted by Mujib misbahaudin- 07320115 Bsi | May 25, 2011, 6:35 pm
  12. My opinion about Mona’s habits that she is really improper person she always uses the internet to do some unimportant things. Certainly several people in the company are getting annoyed because of her habits, they cannot concentrate well in finishing their duties and when Mona cannot finish her duty in time, the boss will asks somebody else to finish it or the company will get problems. Her denial reason indeed cannot be acceptable, it is because of her improper; she cannot divide what is her position in that company. There will not be solution for her, she has to get fire and she has made the company getting problems and her partner getting annoyed. Learning the employee handbook before getting starting and doing the job is really important thing so we know what we have to do and what we don’t have to do. Some companies use the internet system are for sending and receiving email from the company’s partners, getting more information on some web, then to show the quality of the company by using web also. I think that is all my opinion. Thanks.

    Posted by nur ismawatil m (08320026) | May 25, 2011, 9:44 pm

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