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Business English III


For Business English III Students-HUMBUD,


As a Business English student, you are requested to propose your business plan for future. Your business plan is intended to seek funding from lenders or investors. Therefore, the format might ne vary depend on your necessity and information you want to deliver regarding your business to be. However, this is one of the examples of business plan outline that you can use.

Simple business plan proposal outline:

  1. Executive Summary

It should be concise and interesting. People almost always expect to see sections covering the Company, the Market, the Product, the Management Team, Strategy, Implementation, and Financial Analysis. The precise business plan format can vary. Write this last. It’s just a page or two of highlights.

  1. Company Description: Legal establishment, history, start-up plans, etc.
  2. Product or Service: Describe what you’re selling. Focus on customer benefits.
  3. Market Analysis: You need to know your market, customer needs, where they are, how to reach them, etc.
  4. Strategy and Implementation: Be specific. Include management responsibilities with dates and budgets. Make sure you can track results.
  5. Web Plan Summary: If you use e-commerce, include discussion of website, development costs, operations, sales and marketing strategies.
  6. Management Team: Describe the organization and the key management team members.
  7. Financial Analysis

Make sure to include at the very least your projected Profit and Loss and Cash Flow tables and how you will finance it, for example the composition of your own capital versus debt. Cash flow is the single most important numerical analysis in a plan, and should never be missing. Most plans will also have Sales Forecast and Profit and Loss statements. I believe they should also have separate Personnel listings, projected Balance Sheet, projected Business Ratios, and Market Analysis tables.

You may include chart and table in order to make your illustration of your business understandable.


  1. Type the report on A4 paper, line spacing 1.5, Standard font, minimum page is depended on the information do you want to deliver.
  2. Submit your business plan proposal on the middle examination date (UTS) of Business English III and do not forget to write your name and student ID.
  3. Assessments include your effort, innovation, how you convey the information and convince your readers that your business proposal is worth to be funded.

Best of Luck


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