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Business English III


For Business English Students – Fakultas Humaniora & Budaya

Submission: on Final Exam Date

  1. Export Import Paper

Write down a paper based on your research through webs, books, or any other resources related with export import business including all necessary export import documents that you have to know and give examples if possible.  What will be the challenges and opportunities for export import business and which one is the best according to your opinion export or import business? You can employ 5W+1H questions as guidelines.  The paper is at least 3 pages long, A4 paper, space 1.5, standard font. Do not forget to cite all the resources you use (no plagiarism). I prefer you use your own style when write down the paper rather than just copy paste from someone opinion.

2. Field Work Planning

You have done preliminary research associated with your field work location to be and have knowledge related with exam question no.1, therefore, make your individual planning on what will you do during the field work. Your planning is at least consists of:

–          Duration of Filed work, location, possible jobs you will do and explain the responsibilities, and time schedule in managing the field work since you also have responsibility to conduct community services.

Any question related with this final exam questions, please notice me as soon as possible, through this web, email, phone or text. Good luck and remember do it the best as you can up to the limits.

Best regards.


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