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Business English II



For students of Business English II, Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Humbud, Semester Genap 2011/2012.

Using your own words, write essays at least 1000 words for each of these topics:

  1. How has globalisation affected the small medium enterprise? Give pro and contra arguments.
  2. Provide a critical review the impact of advertisement on small medium enterprise including the type of advertisement channels that can be employed


  1. Do not forget to write down your name, ID number and the class. Use A4 paper, 1.5 space, and standard font.
  2. Submission Date: Friday, April 20, 2012, at my office: Accounting Department 1st Floor- Faculty of Economics Building
  3. Note: You can do small research base on internet, books, magazines or newspaper to support your arguments or get some ideas, however you have to use your own words when doing the essays. Please do not copy paste.

Any question related to the task please contact me. Best luck of you, thank you.

B. Yuni


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