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Business English III


Write these two given research paper topics:

  1. Small businesses usually face a lot of challenges to their success. As a business research paper writer you can describe their characteristics and elucidate the advantages. You can also prescribe a course of action for beginning businesses, which can make them succeed.
  2. Business Online: The Significance and the Barriers of E-Commerce and Internet Marketing

Your research reports are under these following key features of a research paper structure (Lyons and Heasly, 2006):

  1. Introduction

Mapping of the field, you may use a literature review, identifying a research ‘gap’, making a claim about needed research, giving some backgrounds

2. Method

Answering: how will this research be done? With what materials or subjects? How many..etc, Working according to the principles of clarity and reality, Using the relevance principle to dictate the amount of detail to use

3. Results

Answering: What happened? Why? How sure can I be of the meaning of these results?, Working according to the principles of honesty and reality

4. Discussion

This is probably the single most important part of the report, since it is here that you demonstrate that you understand and can interpret what you have done.

Write at least 1,000 words for each topic, A4 paper, 1.5 space, standard font, and submit it on Thursday, 25 October 2012 at the latest hours of 11 pm., by email to: Your file’s name must follow this structure: Name_ID Number_BE3.doc or .docx. For example: yuniarti hidayah_0920100_BE3.docx


Lyons, L H. and Heasly, B., 2006. Study Writing: A course in writing skills for academic purposes. 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press.


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